Pencil Shaving Art: Turning Trash into Creative Treasure

Creative inspiration can come from a lot of places. For Marta Altés, it sometimes comes from pencil shavings. Her fun sketches combine pencil art with shavings to create something unique and lovely. Here are some of her wonderful works:

And Marta isn’t the only one finding inspiration in wood and graphite. Kyle Bean makes lifelike portraits out of shavings, preserving remarkable detail in the process.

What we find remarkable is how different a pencil’s shaving can look from one art piece to the next. The color of the pencil – even the darkness of the wood – can affect the overall look of the work. We’re especially blown away by the colorful display found in this work from Instagram artist edgar_artis:

If you or your classroom has pencil shavings lying around, consider keeping them for art projects instead of throwing them out. You might be surprised by what fun, creative art projects your students come up with.

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