Our Products

We feature American made wood case pencils. Our pencils are manufactured by one of the oldest pencil manufacturers in the US.
Our product offering includes many types of personalized pencils not just for schools. We offer custom imprinted pencils for anyone needing pencils to promote their business or industry.

The personalized pencils as well as the novelty and school pencils are certified non-toxic and conforms to ASTM D4236 specifications. The Certification Program ensures that only pencils manufactured from materials that are free from toxins and do not cause harmful effects if chewed receive the seal of approval. The Certification Seal ensures that the products displaying the seal are non-toxic from immediate and long-term health points of view. The erasers are latex-free. The pencils have a #2 core (lead) unless otherwise noted.

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Pencil Trivia

  • Today's writing cores are a mixture of graphite and clay. By varying the ratio of graphite to clay, pencil makers can adjust the "hardness" of the writing core.
  • The hardness of the core is often marked on the pencil -- look for a number (such as "2" or "3"). The higher the number, the harder the writing core. You might see other markings on pencils. Some pencil manufacturers use the letter "H" to indicate a hard pencil. Likewise, a pencil maker might use the letter "B" to designate the blackness of the pencil's mark.
  • A pencil will write in zero gravity, upside down, and under water.
  • A pencil can write 45,000 words!
  • More than 2 billion pencils are used in the United States every year, and most of them have erasers! However, most pencils sold in Europe do not have erasers!
  • The typical pencil can draw a line 35 miles long!