5 Classroom Craft Ideas for Teachers

If you are a teacher of young children, you know how important it is to cultivate their imagination and creativity. And it’s also nice to fill the time with constructive play time that uses up physical and mental energy. Here are 5 fun crafts you can do in your grade school, kindergarten or pre-k classroom.


The Tree of Many Colors


This idea comes from Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. The Tree of Many Colors is a cooperative project that everyone in the class will love to be a part of. The activity encourages imagination, communication and teamwork.


The idea is simple: You start with a large poster board decorated with an illustration of a tree. Then, the children all create the leaves of the tree. Each child can create one leaf, or several – it’s up to you.


Feel free to push the definition of a “leaf” and encourage the children to express their unique creative style. The more colorful the better.


The Drunken Path Pattern Project


This project is great for children of any age. It encourages teamwork, unity and gives the whole class a sense of accomplishment.


Every child starts by cutting out a circle. Then, they decorate the circle as brightly and colorfully as possible. You can coordinate a theme for the circle design, or just let the children express whatever they are feeling. Then, they cut the circle into four equal parts and place them on a “tile”. The tile can just be another piece of paper.


Finally, you take all the tiles and arrange them together to form the final pattern. The best part of this project is that you can return to it throughout the year and keep growing your pattern.


The Folding Face Project


This classroom art project is as much fun to play with as it is to create. The idea comes from Craft Whack and various Pinterest boards. This paper craft creates the illusion that a creature is opening its mouth when the paper is unfolded. Neat!


All you need is paper, pencils and markers. You can get fancy, of course, and bust out the watercolors or permanent markers, but for young children, the less mess the better.


With just a few simple folds, your child is ready to create their fish, bunny, monster or whatever they choose. What sort of fun surprise will they come up with?


Tissue Transfer Art


This idea is so easy, it will feel like cheating. Take any sized canvas, spray bottle and multi-color tissue paper. For the best results, we recommend finding “art tissue” paper.


Before you begin, make sure you protect your work area by putting down some newspaper or an old sheet. Next, lay the canvas down and spray it thoroughly with the water bottle. Next, lay down scraps of the tissue paper onto the wet canvas. You can cut the tissue into fun shapes, or just rip them. We recommend arranging the tissue paper so the colors are alternated.


Next, spray the tissue paper until everything is soaked. Finally, wait for everything to dry completely. You’ll be left with a work of colorful art that you and your class will be proud of. If your school holds auctions, this project could be a good item to submit. It’s a work of art, after all!


Silhouette Self Portrait


This fun art project is a great way for students to personally connect with art. They start with an empty silhouette, then fill it with the things that make them who they are.


These don’t have to always be physical objects. Encourage your class to think of things that are both physical and emotional (like kindness or love). This makes the children use their imagination and express abstract ideas through art.


Best of all, you can complete this project with just paper and pencil. You can add sharpies, markers, watercolors and whatever you have on hand – but the idea can be executed very simply.

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